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Small Town Church With Large History Closes The Door

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Tonight,  the music is fading from church pews in Page, North Dakota. After just celebrating 125 years of history, members of the congregation reunited to have one final service together. And with pews overflowing with old friends and neighbors, and many who hadn't seen each other since childhood they bid a bittersweet farewell.

This church has a story, and they are known for telling it, with a song.

Melanie Mewes- United Methodist Church Member: "You know we have been singing and playing, and everyone that ever went to this church has been singing and playing has been doing that, and still is doing that." Melanie even remembers her first solo. Mewes: "I remember my verse, and I remember my mom in the first row, and I remember my mom, and I remember her red face, and remember I barely got it out, and I think I soiled myself."

It was at this church that their mom planted a musical note in these three sisters.

Holly Craft- United Methodist Church Member: "Our mom played, and there would be some songs, she goes, oh Holly, I can't do that one, take over for me."

And today is the last time they will sing, play piano, and laugh together in this building. Mewes: "Life occurred here, the best of life occurred here."

Melanie, Holly, and Leeann aren't just a family, they have become part of these walls. Mewes: "The three of us, born and baptized, and married." All under this roof. Mewes: "Those most absolute important things that happened in our lives, spiritually, and otherwise happened in these walls."

Through the highs, and through the lows. Mewes: "And our parent's funerals were here." They mourned the loss of the of their parents, at an early age. Mewes: "Our mother has been passed away thirty years this week, and as we said she was the organist, she's on our mind, we look at the organ, and she's not there, and even though it has been thirty years, our hearts are with her today."

After wedding bells, and funeral hymns, everyone here became their family. This is the last song Holly will play in this church.

Mewes: "It's okay to be sad, it's normal, and it's human to be sad, but try not to be sad." But even without the building, they will still, be faithful to each other. Mewes: "Just praise god that it happened."

The last piece of 126 years.

You might be wondering what caused the church to close its doors? But, money wasn't the deciding factor. The pastor says they just didn't have the people showing up. On some Sundays they had as few as 8 people worshiping. So today was hard for some, and more of a reunion for others.

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