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Ghost Hunt at Bonanzaville

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Bonanzaville is where history is preserved. But for two of their buildings dating back to the 1880's, the Brass Rail Saloon and The Houston House, some of that history may still be lurking around.

According to Bonanzaville Curator, Andrew Nielsen, visitors to the saloon have reported strange activity.  "When they're upstairs they can hear music downstairs or people laughing," Nielsen explains.  And at the old Houston House, "Curtains moving upstairs, possibly people looking out the window" have all been reported said, Nielsen. 

Valley News Live brought in Eric Moen and his team of paranormal investigators from Midwest Outer Realm Followers, out of Minneapolis, to take a look around.

"Especially buildings with this type of history, things do tend to linger," said Moen. 

Even if you don't believe it's hard to ignore what the team encountered overnight, electromagnetic equipment was being triggered by something.

According to Moen, "That could be picking up a ghost, in layman's terms. What it's actually scientifically picking up is an electrostatic charge in the air and there's no reason for something to be producing an electro static charge in the air," said Moen.  

What's nicknamed a "ghost box," an AM-FM radio scanner, in theory, allows spirits to communicate through it as they respond back to one of our questions.

Moen: "Are you trying to communicate with us right now?" Ghost Box: "So are you."

At the Houston House, an uncomfortable feeling reached out at us and drained some of the electricity from our equipment, turning off several flashlights. 

Thankfully nothing too major occurred during our ghost hunt, but we can't deny what did happen and what was experienced. Moen, believes these buildings are haunted.

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