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Alleged Sex Abuse & Torture Victim Speaks Exclusively to Valley News Live

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This week we were the first to tell you about a disturbing case of alleged rape and torture in Cavalier, North Dakota.  Greg Kitchens is currently in jail, facing 26 counts of raping and torturing his estranged wife, Stacey.

Now, in an exclusive interview, Valley News Teams Neil Carlson talks with Stacey about her terrifying ordeal. Under Valley News Live ethical guidelines, we would usually not identify the victim of sexual assault. However, Stacey personally contacted our staff asking if she could share her story.

"I want to help some woman or girl that sees this story and for her to say she can get out of an abusive situation," Stacey said. "If I help one person out of ten, then I done something."

Stacey says she's bi-polar. She's currently undergoing counseling at a mental health facility, following her ordeal. However, her story is backed up be video tape that's now in the hands of prosecutors. Stacey says Greg video taped his alleged, savage attacks against her, after

Taking her out of a basement cage, when he returned home from work in the evenings.

Stacey Kitchens: "God had a plan for me, cause I don't see how I didn't die. It was Good that saved me, because I prayed all the time. I think God had a plan for me and God had a plan for him."

Reporter: "What's the plan for him?"

Kitchens: "To go to prison for life."

"I was tied up tight like an animal. I have scars from it. I'll always have scars from it. Choked me all night long. Sometimes I'd pass out, sometimes I wouldn't pass out. I thought if you don't let go I'm going to die," Kitchens says as she describes the ordeal.

Stacey says between mid-March and April, her husband Greg kept her locked up in a cage in the basement of this Cavalier rental home. Stacey says Greg only let her out of that cage at night, when he wanted to rape and torture her.

"And here's what my ear looks like. It's a cauliflower, fighters ear. I'd be tied up, choked... he even put a ball in my mouth and had a thing to tie it to your head. I swear he was pushing it in my mouth so hard it cracked one of my teeth."

Stacey says there was always a radio blaring in the house.

"To drown out my screams. That's why nobody heard me. The radio was always playing."

Stacey says she barely survived one of the last attacks, before escaping from the house, walking into a downtown Cavalier business and police were called.

"He even hung me from a ceiling by my neck. I don't know how I survived it. I'm telling you I prayed. He said you're going to die tonight. So, I said my prayer to God, I walked down the stairs to the basement and he hung me from the ceiling. I don't remember him beating me or hanging me or nothing. He told me when I woke up I was just jerking, when I woke up."

Stacey says she married Greg in Alabama four years ago and they came to North Dakota, because Greg got a job at American Crystal Sugar. She says after their first year of marriage, their relationship turned into a nightmare.

"As time goes on, everything gets better. It heals. I'm so much stronger I could conquer anything after what I've been through."

Stacey's husband Greg remains in the Pembina County jail in Cavalier, awaiting a December trial.

Thursday on Valley News Live at 6:00, Stacey share more of her story and we'll find out her plans for the future.

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