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Pit Bull Lovers Hope to Break Negative Stereotype

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Today is National Pit Bull Awareness Day, and we asked you on Facebook what you thought of the breed. It was pretty much unanimous, these dogs have some loving pet owners. But, over the past few years they've been the center of criticism for violent behavior.

Jamie Floan- 4 Luv of Dog Rescue Volunteer: "Great family animals." Changing the face of this breed. Floan: "They like to cuddle a lot." By setting out to break a stereotype. "Pit bulls are awesome dogs." These owners have had enough. Floan: "So many people have a negative stereotype, we want them to see how good they can be."

Brenda Olson- For Luv of Dog Rescue Volunteer: "I mean we don't her about it when a chiwawa bites somebody, or a beagle bites somebody, but when a pit bull, or a rottweiler one of the bully dogs bites somebody, boom everybody is reacting." Today for love of dogs rescue  is trying to show the community their ‘pittie' pride.

Olson: "One person at a time, you tell somebody, you tell somebody, you tell somebody, i have a pitbull in my home, my neighbors have met her, my mom has met her, my niece has met her." So they put on a social hour and little walk. Olson: "Pit bulls by far make me the happiest, because they are the easiest, because they are sweet, and loving."

And Trina, she's available for adoption, and for 50 cents, a kiss. Floan: "Pit bulls love to lick faces. " Trying to break a hard exterior with a loving touch, sealed with a kiss

We do commonly hear stories about pit bull attacks, and accidents on the news. I spoke with an expert today who says pit bulls are very obedient dogs, but sometimes owners fail to teach them the right things.

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