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Many are calling a local bird broker a scammer

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After seeing an ad about birds for sale, a mother and daughter bought two, but quickly ran into problems. The women soon found out one bird was aggressive, and the other was covered in blood.

After doing some research, they are blaming it on the person who sold the birds, claiming he has also done it to several other people. They are taking this on, as a sort of pet project, and called us to blow the whistle on this bird broker.

Cheri Heuer and her daughter Tracy Roach share a common love for birds. So when Alexander Loomis put out an ad saying he was moving, and his birds needed a home, they went and bought two.

"Things happen very unexpectedly, and people can't have their birds anymore," explains Tracy Roach, who bought a bird from Loomis.

While Cheri was driving back home she noticed something strange and quickly called Loomis.

"It's dripping blood, and I said it's just mutilating it's self, and he said, oh it's just nervous," Heuer explains. She says.

"I'm handicapped, and I really can't deal with this." But she says, he hasn't called her back, and they knew something was wrong when Tracy's bird had problems too.

"He presented to me that she loves kids, and she has attacked out kids numerous times, physically attacked them, I mean gets on their back, bites, have left bruises." Tracy knows pet owners have some responsibility, but she says he lied to her.

"I had went though this whole gamete of questions with him, does either bird pluck, does either bird scream does either bird bite, all of the things that I know, this is not our first rodeo, I've been around birds all of my life," Tracy explains.

The vice president of Minnesota Companion Bird Association is calling him a scammer and a bird flipper. She says Loomis takes in birds in any condition and re-sells them.

"He's going to get them, and he's going to sell them to somebody else," said Heuer.

Valley News Team's Nicole Johnson visited the home several customers tell us is where Alex Loomis keeps the birds in Grand Forks. One woman says she met Alex at the home to buy a bird.

When we stopped by, he didn't answer the door. Loomis has not responded to phone calls, texts, or voice mails. But, we found someone who knows Alexander personally, in fact she says she taught him at C.A.A.R.E., a bird rescue organization in West Fargo.

Candi Willey, Vice President of C.A.A.R.E. told us what she knew about Alex Loomis.

"We don't hold it against Alex, ya know as far as his business, if he wants to be a bird broker or a bird breeder."

But what Candi says she has a problem with is his lying not only to bird buyers, but also those selling their pets.

"Promising them a forever home for their birds, and then finding out that their birds were sold off," Willey says. She even keeps a file, of all the cases of people that had issues with birds they bought from Loomis.

"I got a call about two years ago, stating that he bought a green-winged mccaw from him, and it died within 10 days, and the vet told him that he bird was sick for a very long time."

The common message everyone I talked with wanted to share, is buyer beware.

Now birds are not cheap pets, for example a macaw can be anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 dollars. So, it's important to do your research before you purchase one.

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