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Students against destructive decisions Walk the Walk

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The thinking going on at Oak Grove Lutheran High School today didn't have much to do with academics.


Instead it was the center of positivity for about a hundred people.


Anyone from the community was invited to share stories of dealing with hardships and rising above the pressure to give in.

Morgan Uriell-SADD Member: "I walk the walk because I have seen first hand how poor decisions can really affect a school and even a community."


Walk the walk is more than just a stroll.


Ashley Rude SADD Member: "It means that you go out and do it, you just don't talk about it."


It's a way of life for these teenagers.


Amanda Dinger- SADD Member: "I have seen first hand what drinking and drugs can do to a teenager, and I have told myself, I don't want to be that person."


Making a commitment.


Dinger: "I have a younger sister, and I want to set great examples for her."


These girls are all from different schools around the state.


Uriell: "SADD stands for students against destructive decisions."


Standing up.


Dinger: "I know that people in all of our schools look up to us, because i feel that when younger kids see us making good decisions, they feel like that's the right thing to do."


Emma, she's a roll model


Emma Howey: "I kind of went through a depression mode, when I first came here."


She was worried about making friends.


Howey: "Some teens hide the depression that's what I kinda did."


She says it something people just don't usually talk about.


Howey: "Like me, I felt like I was going to be judged by that, so I just kept it to myself."


So now she wants to lend a helping hand.


Howey: "It's good to reach out for them, so they are not alone."


And one step at a time, everyone here is making a commitment to walk the walk.


Rude: "It puts you on a different path, and like you stay on that, and it helps you become the person you want to be, and not go towards drinking."

Visit the website: www.sadd.org

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