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Dentist Investigated After Conflicting Checkups

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When in doubt, get a second opinion. A Moorhead Mom says her adult son, was taken advantage of by a local dentist, who said that the son had 11 cavities, after getting a second opinion, another dentist said he had none.

Joshua Hausauer is known for his smile, his mother says, and that's why she makes sure he takes care of his teeth.

"I stay on top of him very well, like checking in on him every week because he's at a group home, so you give directions also with his plan of care." Wendy Gervais Joshua's mother says.

At an appointment with a dentist at Family Healthcare Center they said he had 11 cavities to be filled. But Wending thought that number was odd after he'd just had his teeth checked about 6 months ago.

So Wendy took Joshua to her dentist for a second opinion, they found zero.

"He did feel violated like why did the dentist lie to me?" Wendy says shaking her head.

The Family Healthcare Center had told him he would need to come back multiple times to get the cavities filled. But Wendy's family dentist says it's suspicious they would ask for so many appointments when many offices charge per visit.

"Parents of their disabled children, especially our vulnerable adults in going into that kind of care that they get sometimes, that they're not taken advantage of and that you really watch the care and get a second opinion if need be." she says.

Wendy now will pay out of pocket for Joshua's dental care because she wants to continue to see his healthy smile.

"My concern is what would that of done to his teeth? You fill cavities that aren't even there or needless, now you've got a mouth full of stuff that didn't need to happen." she says shaking her head.

Now the family is in progress of an investigation with the State Insurance Fraud Bureau.

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