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Kindred Man Stands Up Against The F-M Diversion Plan

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A Kindred man is hoping his one-man protest will get the attention of flood diversion committee members. He and other tax payers are upset with the plans to put a ring levee around the Oxbow area, protecting it but possibly flooding areas around Kindred. 

Trana Rogne says he won't give up fighting for better protection.

"They haven't done enough planning on it." Trana says while marching in front of the Fargo City Hall. 

With him he carried around a sack with $65 million dollars. It was fake money, but it represented the money that will be spent on protection for Oxbow, Bakke and Hickson.

"They're going to get $65 million to protect for 500 years while Fargo only has a 100 year protection." Trana says.

Members of the Diversion Board of Authority say the plans are ready.

"It'll be about a 3 year construction time frame," Keith Berndt the Cass County Administrator, "because it is a $65 million dollar plan, so it will be in fees in such a way that we can provide as little disruption to the community during the construction."

The protection will save 196 homes, but farms like Trana's in Kindred will then be flooded.

"They will flood us whenever they want to, they say they'll pay us for the damages, but they haven't been able to establish those damages yet. and we're unable to come to an agreement on how much they'll pay us." Trana says.

It's creating a flood of uncertainty for the years ahead.

"So now we're looking at somebody else with power and money wanting to flood us, we think this is wrong." Trana says shaking his head."It seems reasonable that Fargo should start with defending with areas that are flooded now, not areas that may be flooded later."

He wants Fargo's tax dollars to go toward Fargo's protection, which will also help his kindred farm in the long run.

The Diversion Board of Authority already unanimously approved a ring levee around Oxbow, Hickson and Bakke subdivisions.

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