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Toilets Go 21st Century At Shooting Star

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Whether you call it the loo, the porcelain god or the can, public restrooms toilets make many worry about the germs. But now some around the Valley are keeping up with the automatic technology. Valley News Teams Kristi Larson went into one ladies room where it's now more sanitary to go to the bathroom.

In a bathroom there are plenty of ways to avoid touching where germs may be with automatic soap, sinks or paper towels. But now it's become easier to avoid them when your in the stall as well.

Brill Hygienic Products are installing toilets in the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN. These toilets only need a wave of the hand for a clean sheet of plastic to put itself on the seat. A product that will later be melted down and recycled.

First time users were amazed with the new automatic seats.

"That is really cool, that's a neat concept. It'll keep everybody from worrying about germs and whatnot, that is really awesome." says Lauri Cooper.

Taking a look inside shows the new plastic comes from a roll on the left, and the old goes to a roll on the right. A small razor cuts the plastic when it's moving onto the old roll to be sure it can't be used again. Another thing women say is they finally won't have to worry about the protective cover on the seat moving.

"You know they have the sheets that you can put on, for sanitary reasons, but they sometimes don't stay in place, so I think this is really ideal." Janice Finkenbinder says.

And they aren't only here at the Shooting Star Casino, but all around the U.S. So many that about 6 million use the seats in a month.

It's finally a toilet made for women.

"Women thank me all the time," Alan Brill President and CEO of Brill Hygienic Products says, "no longer do they have to huddle over the toilet, they can actually sit down, and not worry about picking up any communicable diseases."

This is the first toilet of it's kind in the Valley. Many airports also have the new sanitary toilets, and even Germaphobe Howie Mandel has them in his home.

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