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Impacts Of Government Shutdown Felt In The Valley

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As hundreds of thousands of federal workers face life under furloughs President Barack Obama calls on congress to put an end to the stalemate that's shut down the government.

And here in the Valley many government employees left work, not knowing when they will be able to return. The government shutdown has put 150 soldiers in the F-M area out of work until an agreement is made. But it's something many people have been preparing for.

"Basically I'm one of the 430 that are being furloughed as part of the government shutdown, and so once I leave here today I will just await word as far as when I might be coming back." says Amy Wieser Willson who after 4 hours of work was sent home.

Amy is one of hundreds in North Dakota who won't be at work tomorrow, but she says it's something the National Guard has helped her prepare for.

"My family has realized this and make sure we have an emergency account ready and things like that since there won't be those paychecks coming like we've become accustom to." she says.

But her superior says that's may not be the reality for everyone facing the furlough.

"Not only for the soldier and the airmen, but their family is greatly impacted and affected," says Lt. Col. Deb Lien, "because this is a time of uncertainty for them, but we have a number of resources throughout the state of North Dakota to assist the families."

The uncertainly surrounding the shutdown has turned into anger among some tax payers.

"I think people should be frustrated by the government, I mean they're not doing anything." John Xu exclaims.

"Well it's really frustrating, because we're doing the best we could, and they are just sitting there, spending money." Sid Monett adds.

But as for Amy, she has a positive outlook.

"One day at a time, and we'll see what comes. Because if you get too frustrated it doesn't accomplish anything." she says smiling.

And for now all she and other government employees can do is wait and hope the shutdown ends soon.

"I know that my unit and my supervisor will keep me informed as far as what to expect, and when I should plan to report back." Amy says before she left for the day.

The North Dakota National Guard says it has advised some of its soldiers to take a look at the their unemployment benefit options... Because of the uncertainty of not knowing when they will be called back to work.
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