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How to maintain your cool on the road

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"oh yeah, I have seen a lot of stuff that is pretty crazy."

Lets face it, driving in traffic is not easy.

"people don't know how to use their turn signals, that really makes me mad, no one knows how to merge here either, right before they get on to the highway.

The highway patrol says it's difficult to know just how many cases of road rage happen in our area, they don't have a way of keeping track.

"I was nearly run off the road one day, I try not to talk about it too much, because my mother worries about me. "

Fargo Police say severe road rage cases are not a trend.

Drivers I talked to, say people on the road get upset all the time."it's pretty passive, it's maybe bad words in the car, it's maybe a few gestures"

But some people may take it a little too far, in which case you should know how to protect yourself.

"AAA says there are three major ways to avoid aggressive drivers, number one don't offend. Number two, don't engage, and number three, if all else fails, try adjusting your attitude."

"generally bad words come out of my mouth, but beyond that, it's just like keep moving."

But if it gets serious, always call for help.

"I assume try and take deep breaths, and try to forget the situation."

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