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Police Say Three Kids Admit to Breaking into Multiple Fargo Garages

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Early Thursday morning three kids all under the age of 16 broke into garages in North Fargo. All three were caught and admitted to the crime, but neighbors are worried that it's a growing trend.

"I know I've called the cops at least twice in the last two months." says Jeff Nelson who lives in the same block.

Looking at where the crime happened, the 800 block of 30th Street North, the neighborhood seems quiet. But some neighbors are worried about the people coming onto their streets.

"I had to start locking my doors because of two years living here and never had any trouble, but now a month and a half ago it's been kind of changing." Jeff says.

Like last night's burglaries that involved three very young kids.

"The concerning part is these kids were 13, 14, 15 years old, very young to be out at that time at night and committing these crimes." says Sgt. Jason Nelson with the Fargo Police Department.

And neighbors agree, some say they see young kids walking around late at night with no supervision.

"It's getting younger and younger these days, and my daughter just turned 13 and I just couldn't imagine her doing something like that." Jeff shakes his head.

Fargo Police say burglars will go from garage to garage, to see which ones are unlocked, and if they are then they welcome themselves inside taking whatever they want from an unsecured garage.

"We've got out garage here is pretty well protected," says George Fode, "with no windows and the garage door big door is on an automatic opener."

Which people in this community say is a necessary precaution.

"We've seen some kids around they'd be a couple blocks of the east to us, that are kind of unsupervised, and they can be out of control."  George says.

"It really brings you aware of who's living around you." his neighbor Jeff says.

Wednesday night, neighbors were keeping an eye out for each other, and the boys were caught, but it sends a clear message to double check your locks.

"Lock your stuff up and they'll move on." Sgt. Nelson says.

Fargo Police tell us the three will be charged through the Juvenile Court System, burglary is a felony offense. The teens could be sentenced to anything from counseling or community service, to paying back fines for the damage.



Original Story:

Fargo Police arrested three kids Thursday morning after they admitted to breaking into numerous garages.

It happened about 1 a.m. in the 800 block of 30th Street North in Fargo, that's the Golden Ridge neighborhood.

Police say a neighbor heard a dog barking and saw some suspicious activity so they called 911.

When officers arrived, the three boys between the ages of 12 and 15 ran off.

Many of the stolen items were found scattered in the neighborhood as they tried to escape.

Police say the boys are under-age so they are back home and not in jail but they will be charged with burglary.


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