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A batty problem in the region

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A Fargo homeowner says they have quite the pesky problem on hand.

Carl Kenner, who lives in North Fargo, says recently he's had some unwanted roommates.

"All of a sudden a bat was flying around," says Kenner.

That's where Kirk Scott from Batbusters comes in

"They are tough contenders and dedicated to their homes," says Scott.

Scott has been removing bats from homes for years.

"The tighter the spot the better they like it," says Scott.

But he says this year he has seen in increase in calls.

"It's been a really busy August and that's extending into September. There is a lax of mosquitoes so bats are heading back to homes and staying in homes longer than usual," says Scott.

He says the trick is not getting them to leave, but making sure they don't come back.

"Here's some droppings right here. They are black and twice as big as mice poop," says Scott.

Scott says bats are smart creatures and if you think you are safe just shutting your windows, think again. Bats can find the smallest of areas.

"We install one way systems, which will adhere a spot where they can go out through em but not back in," says Scott.

But Scott wants people to be reassured that bats are more docile then you'd think.

"I once was visiting a lady's home and she had her slippers on all day. She slipped 'em off and there was a bat right there, curled up in her shoe," says Scott.

Calm or not, Kenner is just happy his pesty roommates have moved out.

If you do spot a bat in your house, Scott says the best thing to do, is open a window, shut off a light, and it should fly right out.

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