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Update: Grand Forks Students Protest Dirty Dancing Rule

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    A ban on dirty dancing in the northern valley has spurred a controversy.

  Students at Red River High School in Grand Forks walked out of a dance Friday night, after being told they were dancing inappropriately.

  Students were told before the dance that "the grind" was not acceptable behavior.   Many of them walked out of the dance after they were told to stop doing it.

Student: "Apparently they got caught grinding twice."

Student: "That's why you don't do that at a dance or you're not supposed to."

Keana Burr, Student: "It's like, I guess it's inappropriate. But, that's the only way we learned how to dance. So, we don't know what else to do."

Reporter: "So, everybody just got mad and left?"

Burr: "Yeah, basically."

  Burr says they started their own dance at a couple of south end parking lots for a short time, before going home.

Kris Arason, Principal: "They were doing their dance, yep. The type of dancing we had talked about and we told them that wasn't appropriate for school and a lot of them chose, because of those rules, they didn't want to be at the dance, so they left."

Reporter: "So, whatever… that's the way it's going to be?"

Arason: "Those are our rules. Those are our procedures."

  Parents who were willing to speak on camera about all this, say school officials did the right thing. Students need to follow the rules.

Reporter: "I was just talking to one student who said that's the only way she knows how to dance?"

Amy Sanner, Parent: " Yeah, well I just think the school has to draw a line somewhere. It has to be appropriate."

Mandy Harlow, Parent: "I don't know. Times have changed."

Reporter: "Did the school do the right thing? Shut it down?

Harlow: "I think so."

  Principal Arason said in so many words, he wonders if students were at a wedding dance, would they be doing the grind in front of their parents or grandparents?


Original Story:

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) - Explicit rules against explicit dance moves sent students at a Grand Forks high school waltzing out of the gym Friday night.

Red River Principal Kris Arason says students are told at the beginning of every school year what kind of behavior is expected in class and at school activities. He says the dancing Friday night was inappropriate.

Students were warned during the dance about moves mimicking one made infamous by singer Miley Cyrus during the recent televised MTV Video Music Awards.

About three-fourths of the students left, despite paying $5 a ticket. They reassembled on the far side of town to dance as they pleased. Police say nothing illegal happened.

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