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Update: Lawn Service Truck Leaking Fluids after Crash

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A chemical spill in West Fargo this morning had emergency crews scrambling. A lawn service truck was involved in a crash and started leaking some of its 250 gallons of a herbicide. Fortunately crews were able to contain the spill. Which got us wondering, just what regulations are in place for trucks that carry similar, or more toxic chemicals? We see them drive through our communities all the time. Today Valley News team's Eric Crest answers just that.

The 250 gallons of herbicide on board the vehicle involved an crash Thursday morning posed a minor threat to people in the area. But if the contents would have been more dangerous, authorities would have brought in the local haz mat crew.

"In this particular case we didn't because we knew there was some low hazard stuff," says West Fargo Fire Chief Roy Schatschneider.

But even before drivers can transport potentially dangerous chemicals. Drivers need to register with both state and federal authorities. They need liability insurance capable of covering anywhere from one to five million dollars. They also need to have a hazardous material endorsement on their license. Drivers of such vehicles also have to display one of those diamond shaped plackets on each side of their vehicle so authorities know what's inside.

"The diamond shaped number with four numbers on it, we have a reference book and they have everything to tell us what chemical that is," says Chief Schatschneider.

One more rule for drivers transporting hazardous material. They need to have paperwork in their cab describing what they're carrying so authorities could find it in an instant in case of an emergency. Fortunately this morning's crash wasn't too dangerous.

"We haven't had too much with all the chemicals that go through here. Ammonia with the farm industry and herbicides, pesticides they use. We just haven't had anything major and that's fortunate," says Chief Schatschneider.

If you're wondering what exactly is onboard those vehicles with the diamond-shaped hazardous signs. Just jot down and search the four-digit number in the center of the sign. In that crash this morning a highly diluted herbicide was inside the tanker. Authorities say it poses no threat to the neighboring community.

Original Story.....

Emergency crews scrambled to clean up a chemical leak after a lawn service truck was involved in a crash in West Fargo Thursday morning.

Early reports say two vehicles and a truck were involved. The truck was carrying 250 gallons of lawn fertilizer.

Police say the tank was punctured in the crash and was leaking on the road, but crews were able to contain the spill.  They say there is not a danger to people in the area.

It happened at 102 12th Avenue Northwest in West Fargo around 8:30 Thursday morning.

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