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Local school ensuring September 11th is never forgotten

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12 years ago today America was attacked. For many of us, the vivid image of that terrible day remains forever burned in our memory.

But now, there's a whole new generation that never lived through it, or were too young to remember. A local school is making sure that September 11th will never be forgotten.

"I was sitting in a board room, and early in the morning, we heard the windows shake."

Mark Lindquist, a former Red Cross worker was deployed to Ground Zero after a hijacked plane hit the pentagon.

"there was confusion, you know, kinda like we all experienced, we didn't know what was going on, we flipped on the TV, and we all experienced together." 

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, the students here at Carl Ben Eielson were just babies, and they had no idea what was going on.

"I want to make sure this generation understands that, and does not lose it because they were not there."

Mark is sharing his story, and the students know a little about the attacks.

"that four planes were hijacked and they crashed, two crashed into the world trade center, one crashed into the pentagon, and one crashed in Pennsylvania"

But what they don't know is what it felt like on that day.

"it was really hard to watch it, even though I was really little, and what happened, I don't know anything that happened that day, but learning that stuff, it's really hard to watch and hard to hear that someone would do that to us, what did we do that you would want to do that to us."

And as the kids watched the planes fly into the World Trade Center, Mark was hearing, what he had heard, 12 years ago.

"I learned that this day certainly changed America"

"it was sad"

Mark is just one of almost 60,000 Red Cross volunteers and employees from all 59 states.

From all of us at Valley News Live, thank you to everyone who puts their life on the line for our freedom.

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