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Our Long Dry Spell Finally Ends

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   Our rainfall has ended, what has been one of the longest dry spells on record for some areas around our region.  It's been more than 3-months since any significant rain fell in some areas.

   Finally, we get to hear the sound of water splashing through a rain gutter.  And despite a wet walk to work, no one was complaining about the rain.

Woman: "I think it's wonderful."

Reporter: "Was your lawn getting a little brown?"

Woman: "Yes it was. I never say not to rain. I lived in West Texas too long…ha."

Man: "I think it's a great thing."

  Lawns and parks that had turned brown, quickly soaked it all up and started turning green again.

  Ag experts say this rain came a little late for the corn and soybean crops this year. However, it will add tonnage to the sugar beet crop. It will also help replenish soil moisture that was slipping much closer to drought in many areas across our region.

Dave Kellenbenz, National Weather Service: "The last time we had more than on inch of rain was back in early June. We had 1.3-inches in Grand Forks.

Reporter: "June?"

Kellenbenz: "June 4th.  Yellow is abnormally dry and then when you hit the first shade of tan that's a D-1 drought or moderate drought." 

  And unfortunately, Kellenbenz says there just wasn't enough rain this time around to really break the back of dry conditions.

Dave Kellenbenz: "The soil will soak it up very quickly and overall where there is a moderate type drought going on… it probably will continue until we get more widespread rain."

  Rain that has been very sparse, during our Summer of 2013.

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