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Surprise Pregnancies for Some Rescued Wheatland Dogs

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At first, they thought 170 would be a handful. That's the number of dogs 4 Luv of Dog Rescue began adopting out about a month ago, after Cass County Sheriff's Office rescued them from a Wheatland Breeder earlier this summer.

But now, we're finding that was only the beginning.

Valley News Team's Hope Hanselman met with one adoption family who had quite the surprise when their dog arrived.

"We treat her like a princess," Serena Dunn, a new owner of one of those dogs from the Wheatland puppy mill, said. "It's just really heartbreaking thinking about how the dogs were treated there."

When Ginger, the Bichon, found a new home with the Dunns in Moorhead, she quickly settled into these loving arms.

"Ginger came to our house maybe two and a half weeks ago, so about a week and a half later I said, 'I think your dog is getting fat. Maybe you should let her walk more, don't hold her and carry her everywhere,'" Rose, Serena's mom, said.

Little did they know Ginger was also carrying a bundle of joy. Though vets couldn't detect it at the time, she made a very narrow pregnancy window.

"We did some math and we were coming up on that, but we weren't past it. So, then we knew that was our first sign we weren't crazy," Rose said of the dog's gestation period compared to the timing of the rescue. "Then, by the next day, we could feel movement."

Early Sunday morning, Ginger gave birth and the Dunns' family grew, and grew and grew.

They'll care for the three new pups until weaned off their mother, grateful for their timing.

"One of the first days when she came to us, we could see and we had been told she'd been through a lot of litter in her life and we promised her she'd never have to go through that again. But, that wasn't true," Rose said.

The past, they can't change. But the future, they'll embrace with these loving arms.

"I think this one's ready to retire," Serena said of Ginger.

The Dunns are one of other adoption families who have found a surprise pregnancy. Vets at the Casselton Veterinary Clinic say all dogs were checked for pregnancy, but some were too early on to detect.

Each adoption family signed a contract these puppies will be adopted out through 4 Luv of Dog. But the adoption operation won't begin accepting applications until the dogs are old enough for new homes and put up on the web site. In the meantime, they will gladly accept donations to take care of them.

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