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Higher Parking Ticket Fees At NDSU Help School

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A rise in parking ticket prices is raising questions by students at NDSU. Now instead of paying the City of Fargo, the campus is handling all the tickets.

What used to be a $15 fine, has now been bumped up to 20 dollars.

"They're expensive, they're not easy to deal with, and you just don't want them." says Sean Gill an NDSU student.

Paying for parking is something many of the students are used to, but after hearing that parking violation ticket prices had increased it made some students ask questions.

"It kinda doesn't make sense to me right away, parking tickets have always been a police thing in my mind." says NDSU Student Nathan Esboldt.

Although the prices are up NDSU says it's all going to benefit the students in the end.

"The City of Fargo through their parking enforcement system adds late fees if they aren't paid in a certain time, we don't do that." NDSU Parking and Transportation Manager Rob Lynch says.

A flat fee of $20 will be charged, but students still didn't agree in paying the extra price.

"I don't think they should charge students more. I don't understand why they need to raise prices unless they are going to do road work around here themselves and pay for it." Gill says.

Regular tuition and fees don't cover street repair or parking areas. So those funds have to come from somewhere.  Lynch explains that all the money made from the parking tickets, the parking permits and even the hourly parking lots goes right back towards parking improvements.

"with those funds we're able to do like with our T student lot which is our largest student lot on campus. We were able to do a two year two phase reconstruction of that project which was about $2 million." Lynch says.

Not only that it also helps pay for snow removal, line striping and road patching.

So the advice from students and staff is if you don't want to pay for the $20 ticket then obey the parking restrictions.

"The whole idea and goal here is don't park in violation and then this won't affect you one bit." Lynch laughs.

Once again if a student finds a ticket on their windshield, it is a flat $20 fine with no risk for a late fee. Another benefit of this new system is cars won't be impounded if those tickets pile up.

NDSU is a little late to the game in this respect. Schools like UND, MSUM and many others, also handle their own parking tickets, without interference with the city.

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