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Healthier Me: Best Recovery Drink Is Also the Sweetest

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Two-a-day practices move right into an intense fall sports season for a lot of young athletes. We know a good diet can help keep our active kids healthy, but what about the drinks they are chugging after games and hard practices? When it's time to choose a beverage after a long, tough workout, there are a ton of options out there.  

Water? Powerade? Or chocolate milk? Sanford Health athletic trainers actually say the sweet treat you enjoyed as a kid--turns out to be one of the best ways to supplement a tough workout.  

When you exercise intensely, the muscles need something to help replenish their energy supply, especially if you plan to hit a hard workout again within a day or two. Studies show chocolate milk is at least as good, if not better, than scientifically manufactured sports recovery drinks at aiding this recovery.  

Chocolate milk contains a perfect ratio of carbohydrates to protein, provides essential vitamins and minerals, rehydrates you and it tastes good.

Bradley Reed/Sanford Health Athletic Director: "A lot of Gatorade people are mad because chocolate milk is working so well. Chocolate milk works fine... In some lab tests... It worked better."

Ready to switch your bottled water for chocolate milk? Think about your workout first. Downing a post-workout beverage chock-full of carbohydrates isn't just for the part time athlete. A drink like chocolate milk is most useful to a cyclist, swimmer, or long-distance runner. These sports stress high endurance levels and constant, sustained movement. 

To rehabilitate muscles and fill their energy reserves back up, you should drink the chocolate milk within 30 minutes of a strenuous workout.
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