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Hendrum Family Confused As to Where Dog Is

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A family in Hendrum, Minnesota is upset and confused about why their dog was not returned to them, right after it was found wandering around town.

We received a call from a woman who blew the whistle on the town cop and city clerk, saying they secretly adopted out the dog instead of returning it.

As the rumors continued to fly about what really happened to the dog, we went to Hendrum to find answers for the family.

Rebecca Hukriede and her daughters spend hours looking around town for their dog Milo. He disappeared about two weeks ago and hasn't returned. They were also told that the town cop and city clerk found the dog and quietly had Milo put up for adoption.

But that's not the whole story says Hendrum Mayor Curt Johannsen. He says, "According to city ordinances, all pets and animals within the city must be either leashed or fenced in an owner's yard. It can't be running loose around the community."

Johannsen says there have been several complaints about Milo running around town over the past year. He says city officials have warned the Hukriedes about this.

He adds, the dog was found and brought to the city office. "We were in the process of notifying the owners when we decided we should let it out to go to the bathroom, and it got out of its leash and we were unable to catch it," explains Johannsen.

The mayor says they haven't seen the dog since, and as for the other stories being told about its whereabouts, "I love Hendrum, Minnesota. I love small towns, but I don't think it's any different than a larger community. There are plenty of rumors out there. I guess you gotta get past the rumors and get to the facts."

Johannsen is concerned about Milo, and wants him found safely as well. For now the Hukriedes will have to keep waiting, hoping someone will bring him home soon.

The mayor adds that under city ordinance, Hendrum officials have two days to notify a pet's owners that the city has it. To get it back, owners will have to show proof that shots are up-to-date, that it's licensed with the city. They also have to pay an impoundment fee.
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