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Safety Tips to Prevent a Garage Fire

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Some people are still picking up the pieces around two Moorhead homes after fires destroyed garages.

Moorhead investigators are now looking into the cause of both of those garage fires that happened within a mile of each other.

Fire fighter say, at least one of the fires may have been started by a hot car the homeowner was working on. It comes as a reminder that you can never be too careful.

Valley News team's Hope Hanselman looked into what hidden dangers could be tucked away in your garage.

"We catch quite a few of them a year," Brenton Hicks, Moorhead Fire Captain, said. It's a situation these crews deal with all too often.

"Usually where we catch those fires is people are working on stuff, leave it half done or put a mower away that's hot, near gas," Hicks said.

But, fire fighters say, as common as the calls come in, each case is made all the more dangerous by what lies behind these doors.

"It's a catch-all for your house, you know. It's your gases, your oils, fertilizers, lawn chemicals, everything anybody doesn't want to fit in their house they put in their garage," Hicks said.

Whether they're explosive or flammable, fire fighters warn homeowners to keep them at a distance. Hot lawn mowers, vehicles, even electrical chords can spark a disaster, especially if it reaches a gas can.

"If it catches a can on fire, it will melt the can down, spread it across the floor, then it catches everything around it on fire."

Still, fire fighters agree the garage is the safest place to keep these things. So, the best thing you can do is to keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

"If anything is hot, you don't want to leave it alone, just keep an eye on the stuff you have that you're working on," Hicks said.

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