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Pregnant Mother of Two Receives Bravery Award

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  Would you risk your life to save the life of someone you didn't know?  Meghan Marshall of Manvel was given the North Dakota Peace Officer's "Bravery Award" today, after the pregnant mother of two saved the life of a 15-year old driver.

  Many of our area rivers are dangerous in the Spring.  Greg Miller died after he was swept away while trying to drive through a flooded road by Minto in April.

  A month earlier, 15-year old Cheyenne Anderson could have easily suffered  the same tragic fate. She  lost control of her car, hit a bridge near Manvel and wound up submerged in the Turtle River.

Cheyenne Anderson: "I remember waking up with my seatbelt still on and the water was up to my chest and I was trying to get out of the passenger door… drivers door and she told me to swim out of the window and I did."

  Cheyenne is here to tell her story today, because Megan Marshall saw the accident happen. The pregnant mother of two Jumped out of her car and ran down to the river bank and made sure Cheyenne didn't panic.

Meghan Marshall: "Once she got out of the car I yelled,  "are there any more people in the vehicle and then she said no and she was kind of starting to panic. But, then I said focus and swim as hard as you can to the bank and then I pulled her up."

  And you need to remember that Megan was doing all this while running along the steep, slippery bank of a flooded river.

Meghan Marshall: "It was like business. It was… there's somebody in trouble. If I panic, she's going to panic."

  Today, for what Megan calls business, she was given the Bravery Award by the Peace Officers Association.

Sheriff Rob Rost: "The current in the river is very strong and she (Cheyenne) made comment to the officers there that she wouldn't have made it if it weren't for Meghan Marshall pulling her out."

Cheyenne Anderson: "I think she's awesome. She saved my life."

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