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Humane Society Encourages To Adopt Not Buy

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You may have seen the photos already. 170 dogs rescued from awful conditions at a rural North Dakota home. But what's next for all of these animals?

All of the dogs were taken Wednesday from a 51-year-old man after an anonymous tip to the State Vet. The dogs were in kennels stacked three high in the Wheatland, ND home, with as many as five dogs in each, some standing in 5-inches of their own filth.

They are now being treated by vets and groomers in Casselton. Rescue Shelters see situations like this too often, of animal care getting out of control.

The Humane Society of Fargo Moorhead says it will take much more than vet care for these animals to bounce back, the dogs will also have to be socially re-trained.

They rescue dogs of all ages from the pound, and after hearing of the 170 seized from a man's home, the FM Shelter Manager Heather Clyde says it time for these cases of neglect to stop.

"Maybe it was a puppy mill and it just kept getting worse, where they couldn't get rid of the adult dogs, and now it's turned into a hoarding situation on top of it." Heather says.

Many question how didn't anyone know? Not even Pets R' Inn in Fargo knew they were buying pups that came from a poor home.

"That was our intentions actually to go out check him out see how he's operating," Owner Shaun Evanson says, "How many dogs he has, you know that's the first question, because that many dogs you can't care for all of them, so the whole thing is a shock to us."  

The owner also says from now on they will try to background breeders better, but Heather says adoption is a good way to go.

"Don't buy, adopt instead a shelter pet, or a rescue pet and give them a good home, instead of contributing to the problems and going to the pet stores and buying puppies" Heather says.

And although some of the rescued puppies will be ready for adoption in two weeks, it may take more time and care for some of the adult dogs.

"it is going to take special homes to take them in, ideally they should all go to foster homes so they can be a little bit better socialized, evaluate their temperaments and how badly they may be emotionally scared from this, before placing them. Because I don't think they could go directly from being at Casselton to into a home." Heather explains.

If you don't want to adopt, and want to buy from a breeder then The Humane Society advises to go to the home where the dogs are coming from. If the breeder won't let you visit the home they say then it should raise some red flags.
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