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Cameras Helping Keep an Eye Out

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Shops all around Fargo say security cameras help them catch shoplifters.  But just how many cameras watch while you browse the aisles?

"it's really handy because working by myself we can always see what's going on around the store, and like who's in the store at all times." says Danielle Nordsletten who works at Proper & Prim. 

Shoplifters may have a strategy to put their heads down so that the camera in the corner can't capture them, but in reality they still have a few others they forget about that are all recording at the same time. In some places 3 cameras capture a person shopping, the store itself has over a dozen cameras, all ready to catch anyone with less than good intentions.

"It's all recorded it's all stored, so we can review the past couple days if we need to, the past couple minutes, go back if someone's acting suspicious and figure out what's going on."says Teresa O'Day another co-worker.

They also send the screen shots of shoplifters to other businesses. 

"The down towners are really tight and we've actually got a board in the back that has pictures of every shoplifter that's been caught downtown." says Shana Lee the owner of Shanalee.

And some shoppers feel they have every right to be putting up as many security cameras up as they want.

"I feel like if you're a private business you have a right to monitor what goes on in your own private business." says Eric Jacobson.

They are a private business that's locally owned.

"You're basically stealing from my bank account, it's my business, I own everything in here, it's like you're stealing from my purse." says Shana.

Last month Proper & Prim had 4 shop lifters, and 3 are already caught, so just remember that everyone including staff, cameras and customers are watching.

"When you come in you're our friend, but if you steal from us you're going away in a police car and we'll prosecute the full extent of the law." Shana says.

Talking with the Police, they say it's not just more businesses that do have cameras, but the quality of photos help them see details of people, cars' and even licenses plates.

Security cameras have also helped the Fargo Police, after they put up some downtown overall crime dropped by 62%.

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