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John's Jobs: Pool Maintenance

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It's a job where you could get a little wet, is seasonal work in our area and works with old hair. This morning our John Trierweiler took on the job of pool maintenance for the Fargo Park District.

Pool workers with Fargo Parks oversee five pools for a total of 1,091,500 gallons of water everyday. Island Park Pool, the cities oldest pool has a filtration system that dates back to the 1970's, and is cleaned to clear off all the body oils, sunscreen and skin that can collect on it.

Even though it's one of the oldest pools, Fargo Parks pool mechanic, Josh Mather, says it's filtration system is still one of the best in the city because of a powder that can kill bacteria down to two microns. "Best pool water we have is at this pool just because that powder filters so well that it gets all the tiny things."

Mather and his team also add a variety of chemicals to ensure the chlorine in the pools won't dissipate and are not corrosive to the pools or it's pipes. Kind of acting like a reverse water softener, "water softeners take calcium out and we add it in."

Thought this job was all clean, think again. One of the dirtiest parts is a pool hair trap, removing the one at Davies showed us first hand what it catches.

"So what happens is before the pump all the water from the pool will flow through here and then it'll come out the back and this will catch all the band-aids, hair and candy bar wrappers and everything we don't want go through the pump."

Asked if John could join the ranks of the Fargo Parks pool cleaning crew, Mather noted he might need a little more practice. "You were a little bit squeamish with the hair traps band-aids.. all the stuff that no-body thinks about."


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