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Valley App of the Week: "Mosquitoes&Flies,Just Run Away!"

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This week we tested out an app that claims to keep the bugs away, Mosquitoes&Flies,Just Run Away!

The strange punctuation and no spaces between some of the words probably should have been our first clue this may not work.  But as bad as the bugs are right now I'll try pretty much anything.

Mosquito Run, as we'll call it, claims to be the ultra sonic insect repellent.  Working with high pitch frequencies to drive bugs out of a 5 foot radius around your phone.

While Mosquito Run certainly makes a high pitch sound, the only thing it will drive away is your family and friends.

The app is free, at least in part, the first three bug clearing sounds are free.  The ones with the lowest ratings.

The sounds that some reviewers claim actually work will cost you money and honestly I had heard enough already so I didn't pay for them.

This app is just for iPhone, but there are plenty of others out there for both Apple and Android. 

Several are free and I say might as well give them a shot, if you do find a good one let me know.  For now I am sticking with good old fashioned bug spray.

If you want to download Mosquito Run, if only to annoy your friends with the beeping sound, click here.

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