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Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

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With the peak of summer just weeks away, hotter and warmer temperatures will soon be obvious in parts of the valley. The National Weather Service says heat is the leading weather killer in the U.S. killing hundreds every year.

Below are some warning signs and tips to help you beat the heat this summer, for both people and pets.

For People:

  • Drink plenty of water, avoid sugary drinks or alcohol that can actually work against water intake and dehydrate the body faster.
  • Avoid strenuous activity during peak heat hours of the day, which are usually 10am - 2pm. Either save the activity for cooler morning or evening times or re-schedule the activity to a cooler day
  • Dress for summer, wear lighter colored and fitting clothing that'll allow your body to breath easier.
  • If you stop sweating or start to feel dizzy or overwhelmed by the heat, get to a shady or air conditioned place and relax with some fluids. Seek medical attention if you don't get better.

For Pets:

  • Keep a portable water dish with you while out on hot days so they can stop and have a drink.
  • Wet a bandana or cloth in cold water and lightly wrap it around your pets neck to help keep them cool.
  • If your dog is panting excessively, not salivating or has discolored gums, those can be signs of dehydration
  • Putting a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the pads of their paws and placing them in a cool area can help cool them down if you think your pet is overheating.


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