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Singing ND Teens Take the Internet by Storm

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Two budding musicians from a small town in central North Dakota are striking it big and getting the attention of hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Tomorrow Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh of Hazen, North Dakota will be performing at the Hub in Fargo, a far cry from just two years ago where they were practicing playing instruments and singing in their school's music room.

You may have already heard of these girls, their band called Tigirlily has created quite a stir the past few months over the Internet and it's gotten the attention of the music industry...giving them the opportunity of a lifetime to make their dreams come true.

We caught up with the girls at home to see how they are dealing with their newfound fame online.

A microphone is a pretty ordinary piece of equipment that can showcase extraordinary talent when you have a voice like Tigirlily.

And if you happen to stream it to cyberspace, connecting music to a sea of potential fans across the globe, its a recipe for fame that these two sisters, 17-year-old Kendra, and 15-year-old Krista concocted in their kitchen just two years ago...

"It's just kind of skyrocketed kind of. Yeah."

That's when the sister's began posting videos on YouTube, many of them featuring the duo belting out covers and original songs right in front of their fridge.

"We like to call those our kitchen videos."

Their sweet harmony left listeners hungry for more, hundreds of thousands of views later, and the girls' band, Tigirlily has cultivated a wide field of fans across social media.

"It hits you more that this is reality and it can actually happen."

It wasn't long before a record label stumbled onto to Tigirlily's videos.

"I literally lost sleep over it. I thought man got to put these girls on our label" said island, an executive and artist with ímagíneRecordings, the label that represents the girls.

With one CD in the can, Tigirlily is showing no signs of stopping.

Recording new music every day, the girls often write their own songs.

"Kendra's songs that she writes are really blues-ey." Krista said. "And my songs definitely have more of a country taste."

Working with their high school music teacher, the girls perfect their pitch as they record new tracks.

Showing that throughout their meteoric rise in cyberspace, the girls still stay grounded...

"We can be who are we are live normal lives. Put out YouTube videos, but also be normal teenagers."

Thankful they have a music career, while still living in the North Dakota home with the kitchen where it started...

"It keeps us well-rounded, it keeps us humble, it keeps us who we are."

And all because these sisters are harnessing the music industry's digital revolution, in the same way the microphone innovated it generations ago.

The girls opened for country singer Chris Cagle in Bismarck this spring.

You can catch them tomorrow (Friday) at 8:00 p.m. in the Venue at the Hub in Fargo.

The sisters are opening for Thompson Square.

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