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Update... Driver Hurt When Car Collides with Fire Truck

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Tough start to the day for a Fargo Fire crew. As they scrambled to answer a call for help their truck was smashed into by a car. The driver of the car was being chased by police and investigators say the man was driving with no lights around 3:00 AM Thursday morning.

Several firefighters were treated for minor injuries but the driver had to be cut out of the car before rescue crews took him to the hospital. Leonard Wessels is recovering from the injuries and is facing a DUI charge. He was also wanted on six warrants. The difficult day only got worse for some of his family.

You have to feel for the mom, dad, and other family members anxiously waiting to hear how Wessels' doing after the car wreck Thursday morning. Wessels mom told VNL she just wants to know how her son is doing. She knew that he had a lacerated kidney and that's it. She says the hospital wasn't willing to give up any more information than that, "the security guard said they don't want you on the property and I told him all we wanted to do is find out how my son is doing. That's all I wanted to know. Cause last I heard they might take him to surgery. They tell me they can't give me information. And for all I know, he was already in surgery," says Wessels mother Linda Decoteau.

Because Wessels is 28 years old and according to the law, his medical well being could not be released to family without his approval. In other words, he would have to tell his doctor or nurse that he wants his family kept in the loop. After talking with the Cass County Sheriff's office, they told VNL family was trying to repeatedly get into his room and that's why security escorted them out. In fact, at one point, they could have been arrested. But cooler heads prevailed.

Another thing to consider, because of Wessels' outstanding warrants, Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney says that Wessels hospital room is basically a jail cell. That means no visitors, and that's why a deputy was posted outside the door.

Here's some advice, if you haven't created a living will or emergency medical contact, you should. That will let the hospital know who to contact if your health is failing. Otherwise, that information wont be released.

A Sanford spokesperson today, told VNL, they normally allow family members to see patients. However, in this case, the minute their behavior became disorderly, security was called and in turn, security called authorities.


A man was seriously hurt when he smashed his car into a Fargo fire truck early Thursday morning. 

Fargo Police say he was tying to get away from them after being spotted driving without lights on. The driver then "t-boned" the fire truck at the corner of 9th Street and Main around 3 a.m. His car was totaled and the the fire truck was heavily damaged.

The driver had to be cut out of the wreck, and the impact was so severe it knocked knobs off equipment inside the fire truck's cab and pushed the cab into the box.

The man was semi-conscious when taken to Sanford Health. He's facing a number of charges including DUI.

The firefighters were not hurt.

Firefighters were on their way to an alarm call when their truck was hit.

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