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Not Just Water in the Roads... But Hitting Basements Too

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24 hours ago, we were dealing with more rain than we could really handle in the Fargo Moorhead area. Three to four to five inches of rain reported in the metro. More than enough to flood streets, flood basements and low lying apartments.

Tonight, the mess only continues for many. As much as five inches of rain fell in some parts of Fargo early this morning which left people wondering if they parked their car in a safe spot. And even worse whether their basement was going to stay dry.

Most in the water removal business didn't necessarily welcome the rain. But they did get slammed with work on the account of it. Today VNL talked with the Steam Masters who deal with water removal and they filled us in on how Tuesdays nights rain kept them more than busy on Wednesday.

It was an early morning that gradually turned into a busy day for folks in the water removal business. Josh Anderson a carpet technician with Steam Masters says when he heard the rain coming he knew what it meant for him, "I kinda knew what to expect today when I came to work. But yeah, I knew it was going to be a long day."

The seven two man crews with the Steam Masters had their hands full. An increase in business of about 25 percent meant these guys were going to put in a 14 hour day.

Wet basements were the majority of their calls after all of that rain. It was written on many of their customers faces too. Even though they're nice enough people and good at their jobs, customers really didn't want to deal with these guys.

"They don't really respond to, how is your day going? It's not usually a very good day that's for sure," says Anderson.

So next time you hear about a forecast that says it might be capable of dropping heaps of rain in a short amount of time. You might be glad you listened to the experts, because you probably don't want to talk to them the following day.

Anderson says just do some double checking to ensure you did your best to keep the water out, "easy things people can do are just make sure your sump pump is working. Two to four years is a general life of a sump pump. Just make sure it's on. Make sure your windows are closed if a lot of rain is coming. We've had some where it would have been solved if they had just closed their window," says Anderson.

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