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Stolen Bike Returned Thanks To Fargo PD Program

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It's a program that police say could save you a lot of time, hassle and money, but it's being underused. The Fargo Police Department's My Property program allows you to register your expensive items, and if they're ever stolen or lost, police can better find them.

Richard Reidhammer of Fargo says, "All the time. We bike ride all the time."

When you choose to ride instead of drive, two wheels can mean whether or not you make it to work. That's the case for Richard Reidhammer.

"It's my only mode of transportation. I rely on it. I missed it when it was stolen," says Richard.

He had left his bike outside, and in just a short while someone had taken it.

Richard says, "I was like 'unbelievable!' when it was gone."

Richard's bike was stolen and ended up at the Used-A-Bit pawn shop, and reason why he got it back is because he signed up for the "My Property" program.

Sgt. Jason Nelson with the Fargo Police Department says, "Based on that serial number, and found the bike that was pawned and we were able to retrieve that bike and give it back to the owner."

The Fargo Police Department set up the My Property program about a year and half ago, and right now, only 537 items are registered. People sign up and log  their expensive items and if they're stolen or lost, they are easier found.

Sgt. Nelson says, "Right now it's just being underutilized."

Something that Richard is happy he took advantage of.

"I'm just thankful too that those officers took the initiative to go ahead and look into the situation as they did," says Richard.

On top of being thankful, he learned his lesson.

"Of course, I invested in a lot of cable for security," says Richard.

In the 18 months that the My Property program has existed, Richard's bike is the first and only item to be recovered. That may not seem like much, but the program is literally priceless. It helps get people's belongings back, and the city says it costs them virtually no money to operate.

To register your items, follow the link below:


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