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Man Repeatedly Rams Car Into Fargo Restaurant

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You could call it dinner and a show. A very violent show! People eating lunch at Habib Cuisine this afternoon got quite the scare when a man repeatedly rammed his car through the front windows. It happened at about 3PM at 2225 13th Avenue in South Fargo.

Andrew Thanytiny was eating lunch in Habib Cuisine at the time and says, "I was not thinking that something would happen."

One minute he was eating lunch...

Bystander, Dean Cronelison, says, "We heard the sound and we didn't know what it was so we came outside."

And then the next...

Conelison says, "I looked down and saw the car within the building.

Cronelison was next door to the Habib Cuisine restaurant and saw the whole thing happen. A man had driven his car into the building.

Conelison says, "Walked over to take a look and the gentleman who I didn't know was the driver at the time and asked me for a cigarette. At that time he got back in his car after I walked away, because he had a threatening look on his face and floored it and hit the building again."

People inside the restaurant ran for safety and called police.

Thanytiny says, "Went back in the car and hit the door again. Then he drove back and hit the door again."

"Then he started chasing the big fella who tried to get the keys away from him," says Cronelison.

Sgt. Kevin Volrath with the Fargo Police Department says, "The individual at first was kind of challenging the officers."

"And he tried four or five times to hit this gentleman," says Cronelison.

Sgt. Volrath says, "Officers did have weapons drawn."

"They had him at gunpoint and the subject said, 'Kill me! Kill me!' says Cronelison.

After being at gunpoint for a short time, police were able to get the   man under control. They say they questioned him at the jail, but he wouldn't say why he did it. Even after all the damage no one inside the restaurant was hurt.




Fargo police are trying to find out what led a man to ram his car repeatedly into a Fargo restaurant.

Around 3:00 Friday afternoon, a single driver drove into the side of Habib Cuisine, an ethnic food restaurant at 2225 13th Avenue South. The driver backed up, asked a man nearby for a cigarette, and then floored it and smashed into the building again twice.

A worker from O'Reilly Auto Parts next door came out and tried to stop him, but to no avail. The police showed up and had the man at gunpoint, and after some words with police, he finally surrendered.

 Some windows at the restaurant are bashed out and the brick is damaged. There were people inside at the time, but no one was hurt. The identity of the man behind the wheel is still unknown.

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