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Vandalism spree hits streets in Fargo

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From a neighborhood in the north part of town to a mobile home park, people who fell victim to the vandals are the ones cleaning up the mess.

When Stephanie Nelson's dog barks in the middle of the night,
she knows some thing is not right.

"I saw three people walking out of the alley," says Nelson.

Little did she know those people her dog chased out, had spray painted graffiti all across this alley.

"I don't think we would've noticed it if the dog didn't bark," says Nelson.

Kim Thompson lives next door to Stephanie.

"It's going to take some elbow grease to clean," says Thompson.

And is upset at whoever decided to tag her property.

"I do hope they are caught and wish people would use there artistic ability in a different way," says Thompson.

While those in the north part of town spent their morning cleaning up spray paint, those in the Buena Vista mobile home park spent their morning cleaning up slashed tires.

"Three new tires cost $217," says Richard Tholkes, who lives in the park.

Police say 23 cars were reported to have slit tires, and for Richard Tholkes, he says his boat trailer was also damaged.

"It's just frustrating that kids have nothing better to do," says Tholkes.

Linda Hoffman already fixed one tire, and still has another whole vehicle to go.

"It'll cost me to fix all 4 about $400," says Hoffman.

It was a night of crime, that people in Fargo hope doesn't become a trend.

"It's frustrating knowing things are not safe," says Hoffman.

Police take these crimes very seriously and say when it comes to the slit tires, damage could be in the thousands of dollars, which goes from a misdemeanor to a felony.
No arrests have yet been made in either incident.

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