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Mosquito Season is Here...

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Along with the annoying buzz that's associated with them, this is probably the last thing you want to hear. Mosquito season isn't just around the corner anymore... it's here. Today Valley News team's Eric Crest talked with the experts whose job is to destroy them, and the folks who can't wait for them to start.

You don't have to be a bug expert to know that they're on their way and growing in numbers each night. That doesn't mean you have to be a fan of them though. Their called mosquitos and few have a love for them, "we need them they're apart of the ecosystem but that doesn't make them ok. I don't like them," says Tyler Hensel of Fargo.

Getting people in the Midwest to vent about mosquito's is about as easy as swapping one of them around sunset in August. But while complaining about them is easy, killing them can be hard especially in this weather. Ben Prather the Director of Cass Counties Vector Control says the bugs are back, "we've seen a number of our trap counts shoot up pretty rapidly in the last 48 hours."

The mosquito killers are back at it, out in full force. A team of 33 staffers equipped with all the tools and chemicals needed to put mosquitoes to rest. A lot of mosquito's to take care of, and a lot of ground to cover. "We do have an area in Cass county the size greater than Rhode Island. So we're a large area to cover," says Prather.

Wednesday really kicks it all off. Full scale spraying has begun throughout Cass. They're taking that preemptive strike before they hatch. Round two will go down once the buggers are airborne. Which turns out is now, "we're very proactive when it rains. We're out checking our sites finding a way to eliminate the need to do adult mosquito control. The larva control is a wonderful and effective tool and we've see the results pan out," says Prather.

While the bug killer that they're spraying Wednesday evening likely won't do much harm to us humans. If you're enjoying the night outside you might want to move the party indoors. "If they can clear our path and let us move through there we're gonna be in and out in a hurry. The product will do it's work and hopefully they won't have to see us for awhile," says Prather.

Which is exactly what most of us want to hear. The sound of no buzzing which equates to no bites. The mosquito spraying in Cass county will start this evening throughout Fargo, West Fargo, Leonard and North River. Tomorrow evening Moorhead will start their mosquito spraying. The folks at Vector Control say they're about two to three weeks ahead of their typical schedule.

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