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Parking Lot Potholes Causing Problems

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Customers aren't happy and neither are the businesses in a Fargo strip mall. They'd like to see something done about the parking lot potholes. One of them is huge.

Suzanne Daniels is excited about her new car.

"I love it. It gets 46 miles to the gallon on the highway. It's a great car," says Suzanne Daniels of Fargo.

But she's not excited about how she got it.

"It's so bad you could lose your front end," says Daniels.


"My other car, my front right tire, I lost a tire," says Daniels.

They're big enough to consume part of a car.

Daniels says, "It's like you're going down in a ditch."

They also block the entrances to the Promenade Mall parking lot off of 13th Avenue in Fargo. They've caused Suzanne and others, including Samantha Launderville problems.

"They're bad... I would say they're probably a good foot down," says Samantha Launderville of Fargo.

A majority of the business owners in this strip mall and they all say the potholes have been a problem for a long time. Even the sidewalks have potholes. But all of them are afraid of speaking out.

Many owners and managers say they don't want to see consequences for talking about this issue. They say they've called the property owners, but only temporary fixes have happened, causing the problem to get worse every year. Some businesses have even put up signs asking patrons to call the property owners.

Daniels says, "All they have to do is fill them with asphalt, I mean it doesn't take that much ingenuity to do it."

Because these potholes could cost their customers.

Daniels says, "I totally go around it now. I would not go near it with my new car. I would have a fit."

Valley News Live tried reaching out to property owners that the businesses owners said to contact, but they did not answer or return our calls to address the issue. For now, the stores hope this story will help bring enough attention to the issue to get the problem fixed.

While potholes on streets are a city's responsibility, potholes in private parking lots tend to fall on the property owner.

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