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Water Line Breaks in Fargo Leaving Apartment Tenants Wondering their Rights

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A water main break at a Fargo apartment leaves many tenants wishing they were high and dry instead of soaking wet. Valley News teams Eric Crest shares one renters story of struggle after being washed out of her apartment.

It was Sunday morning when the first floor at Dakota View Estates started looking and feeling a bit damp. Stephanie Lemon and her roommate say it was an unwelcome surprise, "Well when I woke up the fire alarms were going off and I just noticed on my bedroom floor the carpet looked darker. I felt it, it was really wet," says Lemon.


Her roommate Julie Eisenlohr arrived to the surprise as well, "we had ankle deep murky, muddy, water. It just smelt really bad and no electricity," says Eisenlohr.

Both them and much of the first floor tenants were caught up in some unseasonable flooding right in their apartment. A water line break left many tenants on the first floor with the same water drama.

"Some people opened their doors and water just ran out," says Eisenlohr.

Work is being done to replace the old, the wet, the eyesores. But as the work is completed these tenants have to find somewhere dry to stay on their own dime or stay put.

"They basically told us we would still have to pay rent here even though we can't stay here cause the floors are soaking wet still," says Lemon.

"We aren't really upset about our personal belongings. It's like the fact they are going to charge us rent to not be able to live here," says Eisenlohr.

But they can still live here. There are just a few inconvenience that go with their newly wet pad. Like for the time being they have to do a little leg work to make their toilet flush by bringing pool water to their bathroom.

A local Allstate Insurance provider says with renters insurance, they will put customers up in a hotel during a situation like this. For as low as 49 bucks a year, renters are covered up to 10 thousand dollars worth of property damage. Meanwhile, Dakota View Estates is working to clean up the water, and replace flooring on the first floor.

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