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Tornado Touches Down near Colfax, No Warning for Town

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A storm of a story. A family in Colfax, North Dakota witnessed first-hand a tornado touch down just miles away from their property Tuesday night, but for some reason they were the only people that knew about it. The National Weather Service Never issued a warning for that tornado.

Jared Haverland of Colfax, couldn't believe what he was seeing just miles from his farm land.

"That was crazy," says Haverland.

To make sure he was seeing straight, he decided to record it.

"We were watching it and it was spinning and spinning," says Haverland.

Haverland just witnessed his first tornado.

"It was once in a lifetime for me," says Haverland.

Only a handful of people, including Jared, knew about the tornado because they caught it on tape. The rest of the town didn't have a clue because no warning was put in place.

"There are more tornados in North Dakota then you will ever know about," says Ron Pfeiff, a volunteer firefighter in Colfax.

Pfeiff is also a storm spotter.

"They always say there is just one or two up here but we have a lot of them," says Pfeiff.

Pfeiff says the National Weather Service many times relies on storm spotters to let them know about activity taking place.

Since this one happened so quickly, and once it was reported it had already blown away,
the National Weather Service felt there was no need to issue a warning.

"There radar doesn't always reach down on the ground," says Pfeiff.

Pfeiff says this is a good reminder that here in the Midwest mother nature can produce a tornado whether you've been warned or not.

And if you don't believe it, Haverland says just take a look at the video.


It's the talk of the town in Colfax, North Dakota: Tuesday night people took cover from what looks to be a tornado moving through.

A cell phone video sent in from Roberta Rieger shows a funnel cloud west of Colfax. Rieger's sister says her family watched the tornado touch down in a field on their farm about 7 miles south of Walcott.

The Colfax Fire Department also submitted a picture of the funnel to the Grand Forks National Weather Service.

Tuesday's storms were not just contained to the Colfax area, we also got reports of swirling clouds about 3 miles south of Valley City.

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