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Sick Shelter Cat Causes Increased Need For Donations, Adoptions and Fosters

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Local animal shelters are in need of your help. CATS Cradle Shelter has a cat that showed signs of ringworm, a contagious fungal infection, and are now putting their services on standstill while they take precautionary steps, but they aren't the only ones affected. The FM Humane Society says this also puts them in a tough spot.


If a wet nose and a little "meow" can melt your heart.

Gail Ventzke with CATS Cradle Shelter says, "We've all done it for the love of the cats."

You'll do anything for them. So when Cat's Cradle Shelter discovered a cat with signs of ringworm.

Ventzke says, "This is a kin to getting athlete's foot."

They took action.

"It's pretty common for shelters to be faced with this," says Ventzke.

Besides treating the cats, they have to clean the entire building, and that comes as a big burden.

Ventzke says, "Anything that can't be sanitized with bleach has been thrown out. Cat toys thrown out, all the walls have been sanitized, the floors have been sanitized, cat towers thrown out, bedding."

When it's all done, the price tag alone will be in the thousands of dollars, but it's also a hurdle for the FM Humane Society.

Heather Clyde with the FM Humane Society says, "It's kind of panic mode."

CATS Cradle takes in hundreds of their cats every year, but they've had to take a break while sanitizing their facilities.

Clyde says, "Try and get the cats out of the pound before they get euthanized, because we only have 3-5 days to find them places."

Which is why it's even more important right now that if you're looking for a cat to adopt or foster.

Clyde says, "We need the community's support right now."

Because all of these little ones deserve a lot of love.

Ventzke says, "Situations like there, where it's not just the animals' health that you're working towards, but it's the health of the shelter. That's what's so hard, because all of those things had to be replaced."


One thing to remember is that ringworm is common. In fact, if you have a cat, it could be sitting at home right now as a carrier, but not showing any symptoms. CATS Cradle is just taking extra steps that many other shelters or pet stores would not take to make sure their shelter and the cats in our community are safe.

Ringworm wasn't the only trouble the CATS Cradle Shelter ran into this weekend. Their world famous cat, Corky, known for his legs that were twisted, was hospitalized for urinary crystals. They say he had surgery and is doing better now, but will need some time to heal. Because of all this, the shelter is asking for any help you can give. You can send your donation to the shelter or donate online.

CATS Cradle Shelter:
9 Ninth Street South
Fargo ND 58103


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