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New Names for Your Favorite Cuts of Meat

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Ever wonder where that piece of meat on your plate came from? Where it was born, slaughtered, processed? New regulations put into effect this week will tell you exactly that... It doesn't stop there though, throughout the summer your favorite cut of meat may also be getting a new name. Valley News teams Eric Crest has the beef on the changes.

Next time little Susie asks where her cow Fred went you may not be able to tell a fib. New labels on all meat sold in grocery stores and meat markets will tell you where that cut was born, raised and slaughtered.

"All our beef is US raised. We don't get anything from Canada or Mexico. Other places do and those labels are going to say product of Mexico Canada or US," says meat man extraordinaire Jason Aamodt of Meats by John and Wayne in Fargo.

While some customers may see the perks in knowing all of that background, for folks in the business they're not thrilled about it.

Aamodt says, "so if you have to have every single meat raised up and told where the product is raised you're going to have three different labels per day."

One estimate puts the extra labeling for grocery stores and meat markets across the US at nearly 200 million dollars just to put it all into place. Aamodt says it will not just be a bit costly but time consuming,

But that's not the only thing changing at your local meat market. Name changes for about 350 different cuts of beef and pork are coming too. Like top sirloin beef, it will be getting a more formal name... coulette.

Aamodt knows about coulette, "technically the coulette muscle is the top of the sirloin and every once in awhile you'll have a connoisseur come in here and they'll ask for a coulette muscle."

But not everyone knows what coulette is. Like Bruce Fike of Moorhead, "is it koolaid or coo? No I don't. I honestly don't." "

The pork shoulder or Boston butt will be getting a new name too. Out with the butt, introducing the Boston roast. How about one more head scratching change. A top loin chop, will now also be known as a new york pork chop.

All of these new names will start appearing on labels this summer. If you have a question just ask the meaty questions to the person behind the counter. Hopefully they have an answer. Jason is confident his staff and himself will know the cuts but isn't so confident others will, "it's gonna throw the consumers off it's gonna throw the businesses off. And now you're gonna have to train your staff to learn a lot more than they were ever planning on learning. So I think it's a bad idea and the consumer won't like it."

The idea behind the name changes that have been in place for nearly four decades. Is to use names that are more consumer friendly and less anatomically correct. Another change on labeling coming soon... They'll include easy to follow preparation instructions on most cuts.

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