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Minnesota and North Dakota rank in top 10 for most expensive gas

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More people just might be turning to running, walking or biking to around this summer.

If you've seen gas prices lately, you've probably avoided driving.

They're on the rise and with no end in sight.

Valley News Team's Hope Hanselman heard from drivers around the valley feeling the pain at the pump.

These are the highest average gas prices ever recorded in Minnesota and North Dakota, that's according to AAA.

The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in North Dakota is $4.13. It will cost you $4.26 in Minnesota, and drivers say they've never seen anything like it.

"It's hard to swallow four-dollar gas when it wasn't that long ago we were seeing two-dollar-some-cent gas," Kenny Hoffer said as he filled up two tanks on his way back from a funeral this weekend, and found it's more than fumes he's burning through.

"At the funeral, it was a topic that was being discussed-- besides the funeral, was the ridiculous gas prices and where they're going," Hoffer said.

His wallet is also running on empty, that's after gas prices in the Valley broke the four-dollar mark this week.

"It's really hard to accept the gas prices, it's just a 30-cent jump at one time is just hard to justify."

If these prices look sky high, it's because they are. Just yesterday, the state average rose 20 cents.

Hoffer says he saw a 30-cent jump in Jamestown.

Drivers are paying at least 40 cents more than this time last year.

"It used to be almost 30 dollars, now it's almost 50 bucks for us to fill up," Mary Leighton, of Wahpeton, said.

The cost is cutting down on most of their summer plans.

"I'm going to ride my bike more and walk a lot," Leighton said.

"We have a camper motor home, but we've already decided that we're not going to go more than 50 miles with it," Hoffer said. "With the prices where they are, we decided this summer that we're just going to stay closer to home.'

Because at more than four bucks a gallon, Kenny has an expensive ticket to ride.

Compare it all to a national level, we're still paying 50 cents more a gallon than the rest of the country.

In fact, Minnesota is one of only six states nationwide to see prices jump more than 20 cents this week.

Both Minnesota and North Dakota made AAA's "top Ten Most Expensive States to Buy Gas" list. Minnesota #7 and North Dakota took #9.

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