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Fighting Through Injuries to Make Race Day

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If you are one of thousands that has prepared to run any of the Fargo Marathon events, especially the longer races, you may be feeling some tired muscles and some soreness in areas.

We talked with someone who works in physical therapy to find out what he is seeing in the way of injuries and what can be done to make sure you are still ready to race.

"You name it, people have it," says Jesse Forster, a HealthSource professional working in physical therapy.

He and other professionals are keeping quite busy. "We're here to provide a little bit of relief to help them get through the race," Forster says.

They are helping people like Colin Montgomery, who came all the way from Canada to run the 10K.

"Little bit of over training, trying to go too far too fast before I was ready," says Montgomery.

His aches and pains have slowed him down a bit, but it is hard for him to rest. He says, "You think you're probably going to fall behind. I know I had three weeks off to try and let it get better."

Though pushing it too far could keep Montgomery and others from running at all.

"If you train for two month, then fight through an injury, you could be looking at spending the next ten years trying to fix that injury," says Forster.

Forster is helping stretch muscles, and tape knees, ankles and feet. He knows how hard people have worked thus far, but he also knows it is not just about this race. So he says his best advice is, "If you're experiencing a little bit of pain, try to run through it if you can, but know your body and understand there's a limit to it."

If you do have some of those aches and pains, simply icing the night before and taking some ibuprofen could help. You can also putt some heat on the sore area to warm it up before the races.

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