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Gas Prices Continue to Rise in the Valley

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The shock of pumping gas at $3.99 a gallon in many parts of the valley, and as much as $4.19 in Bismarck, is catching many people off guard. It's painful considering gas was nearly 50 cents cheaper just a week ago. So what happened? Valley News team's Eric Crest talked with the experts and people who are not excited to be digging deep into their pockets once again.

You might feel the crunch when you have to shell out this much cash for a tank of gas.

"I'm sure it's gonna be 50-60 bucks," says, Mariah Dietz, a commuter on her way to Bismarck.

But Dietz is not alone. The surge in prices is being felt in places other than just North Dakota and Minnesota.

Refinery problems and some scheduled maintenance at refineries across the Midwest have much to do with these prices according to Gene LaDoucer, a AAA spokesperson.

"We're talking refineries in Oklahoma, Wyoming, Illinois, Indiana, and we even had a refinery fire in Minnesota a couple of days ago. So the list of refineries having issues continues to grow and it's adding to the problem," explains LaDoucer.

Here's the problem most of us really have though. Just a week ago the national average for a gallon of gas was $3.54. In North Dakota today that average was at $3.88, a swing of 34 cents a gallon.

"So those averages will be going up in Bismarck. We'll probably set a new average record high tomorrow in Fargo, Grand Forks, and North Dakota. We'll probably be within a nickel of the all time high within a couple of days," says LaDoucer.

But today, with gas peaking out at $4.19 a gallon in Mariah's home town of Bismarck. Filling up in Fargo turned out to be a bit thrifty, but still painful.

"It makes me anxious. I come from oil country you know, we're producing this stuff," says Dietz.

Bad news for most but good news for folks filling up with diesel. Diesel prices have been holding steady lately, the price for a gallon seems to be unaffected by the refinery problems across the Midwest.

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