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Students Witness Reality of Drunk Driving

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Wednesday students at Breckenridge High School saw what can happen if they choose to drink and drive.

They were the first to see a new display showcasing the crashed car of a West Fargo family killed almost a year ago by a drunk driver.

It was a reality that many could hardly stand to look at, let alone talk about.

"No matter how many seatbelts you got and airbags you got, you're not going to survive. That's just the way it is," said Lynn Mickelson, father of Allison Deutscher.

It was one thing for the students to hear about the deadly crash that killed the Deuschter family of three and an unborn baby, but it was completely different from them to see the wreckage firsthand. 

"If you pulled up on this, what would you do?" asked one student.

After seeing the display, Senior Morgan Wall said, "So much potential, and the little baby that doesn't have anything to do with it."

Mickelson knows it is tough to look at but told the students, "This display is made for a purpose, to get the message out there."

Through teary eyes and moments of shock several groups saw the stark reality of impaired driving.

"It's not a thing made up for show and tell," said Mickelson to one group.

One-by-one the students solemnly approached the trailer for a closer look after hearing a short explanation of the events on July 6, 2012.

"It just takes a minute to let it sink in that these people, these lives were actually lost because of such a careless act," said Wall.

Senior Mason Bommersbach added, "It's just kinda crazy to me how fast things can happen when people make stupid decisions."

Like many, both Wall and Bommersbach were shaken and wanted to send a message themselves.

Wall said of those who want to drink and drive, "They will regret it. No matter what happens. You get pulled over. You get hit. You hit someone. It's not going to end well."

"I think of my own family and how it could affect me and how I probably wouldn't ever get over it," said Bommersbach.

The two hope everyone can understand the consequences before having to see this happen in their own lives.

That is the very reason Mickelson is making it his mission to push for change and to educate with the display as much as he can.

"Hopefully we got, we saved one life today. We made a difference, but we'll never know who that is, but it's well worth it," he said.

The display will be shown again near the end of June at Cruise Night in West Fargo.

For more information about the memorial and the family you can click on this link: http://deadlycrash.org/our-story.html

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