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Restaurant Report Card

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We combed through the latest health inspection reports for area restaurants to find the ones with the most violations. Out of dozens of categories, three restaurants had a few mistakes that needed correcting.

For this week's Restaurant Report Card it was the worst of the best. After searching through the reports, only a few restaurants had easily correctable mistakes.

Taco John's on 13th Avenue South in Fargo was one of them.

In this report, the health inspector found rice in the cooler that was not marked with a date. Tomatoes on the prep table were at 46 degrees when they should have been 41 degrees or less. There was also mildew build-up on ice machines.

W spoke with a manager about these violations. He said everything is now double-checked to make sure it has a date on it before going in the cooler.

When it came to the prep table, the cooling unit is actually not working properly. The health inspector is aware. The restaurant simply is not filling pans of ingredients as full as normal, and they refrigerate them whenever they can to keep a close eye on temperatures.

As for the mildew, workers wipe the machines down every night, and they have scheduled a professional cleaning.

The next restaurant is Spitfire Grill and Bar on 13th Avenue in West Fargo.

The health inspector noticed that employees were not washing their hands before using gloves to work with food. Some vent covers also needed to be cleaned.

A manager said there are no violations that we should worry about, but he did add, "You're not getting through these doors."

The final restaurant is the Applebee's next to Spitfire.

Here we ran into some minor cleanliness issues. The inspector said that there needed to be a general cleaning of floors, walls and decorative items. He said the restaurant needed to make sure all dishes were cleaned. The countertops of equipment in the kitchen also needed a wipe down. 

There was no chance to speak with the owner, but a manager said some dirty dishes accidentally got mixed in with clean ones. He said everything else has been given a thorough scrub.

Since there were so many restaurants that did not have violations this week, it was a tough pick for our Clean Plate Award.

In the end it ended up going to Chuck E. Cheese's. In its past two inspections the restaurant has not had any glaring violations.

Assistant Manager Jennifer Gutierrez says it is important to keep things safe and clean when they are dealing with an environment for kids.

"I think it says a great deal. I'm a parent myself, and I know that I would want to know that I'm bringing my kids somewhere where you know everything's up to date and how it's supposed to be and clean, safe," adds Gutierrez.

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