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Mother Upset Over Daughter Being Bullied Multiple Times

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A local mom is upset that her four-year-old daughter is being physically and emotionally bullied at school.

"She's come home with bruises. She's come home crying. She's come home screaming. She's told me...she'll wake up in the morning...mom I don't wanna go to school," says Carrie Cotton.

For the past seven months Cotton has tried to get help from Head Start program administrators in Jamestown to bring an end to bullying, but she says they have not done anything to help.

It all started back near Halloween. "She came home from school and she was very agitated," says Cotton. She could not figure out why her daughter Addison was starting to act out. That was until she sat Addie down to talk.

"She was telling us a little boy from school was picking on her."

But picking on her is putting it lightly. Cotton tells us, "He has kicked her in the back. He's hit her in the face. He's pulled her hair. He's broken her glasses."

Addie says, "Makes me sad and angry when he hits me."

Cotton has documented 22 separate occasions of bullying over the past seven months. "I was at the point where I didn't know what to do. I actually started looking into facilities to get her therapy because she's so scared," she adds.

It all came to a head Wednesday morning. Not long after dropping Addie off at school Cotton got a call saying Addie's glasses had been bent.

Cotton says, "I started thinking there's something fishy because they didn't tell me what happened."

She says the Head Start administrators added that she should take her daughter out of school if she did not feel her daughter was safe. "There aren't options here for low-income families. I'm sorry. I don't get paid a million dollars. I work from home."

We tried talking to the administrators. We were told they would talk to us when we arrived, but when we got there they did not want to go on camera and said they cannot discuss any details because of privacy.

They did say the situation is being handled, but that is not good enough for Cotton. "The administration should step in and say okay there's a problem obviously. And not the last week of school when glasses have to be broken, kids need to be kicked again," she says.

She wants repercussions before the bullying gets to a point of no return.

"Kids are getting harassed and committing suicide at 13-14. I don't want that for my kid. I have dealt with issues like that. It's not fun. I still have nightmares from stuff like that when I was a kid."

We tried getting more information from a state level. Because Jamestown administrators felt that any information released would violate privacy, no details were available.

Cotton also tried filing a report with the police department, but by North Dakota law, a child can not be charged with anything until age seven. We learned this little boy was also four.

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