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Fargo Theater Sees Digital Age

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It's one of the most photographed landmarks in the valley.

Tonight, Fargo Theater fans are breathing a sigh of relief as enough money was raised to the theater could go digital.

Valley News team's Hope Hanselman shows us how they'll now be able to keep doors open.

"A lot of love, a lot of memories were made here at the Fargo Theater," Emily Beck, theater director, said. "I think a lot of people are invested in seeing this place stick around for generations."

The images of the past go by in a flash, but these screen have captured them in the same light for decades.

Now, the curtain is closing on the age of film.

"Every theater in America needs to convert from these 35 millimeter film projectors to these new digital cinema projectors," Beck said.

Beck says the stage is now set for new technology.

Behind these scenes all these moving parts leave a lot of room for imperfection. They eventually end up on screen. It's part of the charm of film and part of the push to go digital.

"I'm such a film purist, I love the look of 35 millimeter film, I think they're so rich," Beck said. "But, I know these new digital projectors, the images are so pristine and crisp."

Each theater will soon be installing the new projectors.

But the classics will not be lost. They'll be keeping the old 35 millimeters on hand.

So, as new images roll in, the same light will shine out.

"It's a relief, but it's also so exciting because I can't wait to see where we go in the next decade," Beck said.

The new digital equipment has been ordered and is expected to be installed within the next month.

Employees say that's great timing; summer is their busy season.

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