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May Day: Random Act of Doughnut in Fergus Falls

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The chilly weather doesn't make it feel like May, but the first of this month is a holiday for many that is tied to gifting friends and loved ones flowers, notes or candy. As Valley News team's Eric Crest reports holiday or not, any day can be a good opportunity to show kindness.

Growing up in the Midwest many associate May Day with creating a basket of flowers with mom. Going to her friends house and ringing the doorbell, dropping them off, and bailing before they know who left the basket. But in Fergus Falls a random act of kindness isn't confined to just one day.

Lance Wells the owner of City Bakery in Fergus Falls, breaks down how his wife and him go about their random acts of kindness, "You know, I randomly pick the safest car and it's gonna be that one right there."

Doughnuts in tow, Wells makes people's day, one delicious pastry at a time. As he approaches traffic just outside his shop he meets his newest victim of a random act of donut. "Hello I am Lance Wells owner of City Bakery and this is a random act of doughnut! Have a wonderful day, come see us sometime," says Wells in a well rehearsed tone.

He doesn't do it just for the holidays, just ask his neighbors. Co-owner of Sears, Bernadette Erickson, downtown Fergus Falls says she sees Wells pounding the pavement often outside his shop. Even running into him often in her own store," they bring donuts, Lance and Lisa they brought us two dozen donuts and coffee last week. Just to give out to our customers. That was unexpected," says Erickson.

The truth of the matter is Wells says, he gets a kick out of it, "You know if making people's day is weird then I'm the weirdest guy in town."

His wife and co-owner Lisa Paradise, feels the same way about the giving, "It gives us as much pleasure and we have as much fun as the people who receive it. It's a reward for both of us," says Paradise.

While a gesture like this definitely says something about Lance and his wife Lisa at City Bakery. It also says something about the community. Kim Brimer the most recent recipient of a random act of doughnut says her co-workers and her will enjoy the bakers dozen gifted to them today. She's also proud to call this community home, "Fergus is awesome and there are people that provide kindness to everyone. And Lance is just one of them," says Brimer.

So beware if you are approached by a stranger carrying a little white bag off of West Lincoln Avenue downtown Fergus Falls. You just might have a situation involving what Lance and Lisa call, a random act of doughnut.

"If you can't make it in someday you might be driving by and some strange tall guy is going to come catch you at your car and give you a free doughnut," Jokes Wells.

The City Bakery has held down that spot in Fergus Falls since 1919. Lance and his wife have owned it now for just about two and a half years and they estimate since then they've given out about four thousand random acts of donut. Pretty generous folks out in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

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