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What Will Be Done with Leftover Sandbags?

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After prepping for a possibly record breaking flood, many are wondering if all that hard work was a waste of time. Fargo put in a lot of hours to prep for the flood. They had a total of 1.8 million sandbags and only used about 100,000 of them. And right now, they're not sure what they'll do with the leftovers.

Ken Clark of Fargo says, "I really waited a little longer to do a lot of prep work."

For Ken...

"They just sat on my driveway for the last few weeks," says Ken.

There wasn't much of a flood flight.

Ken says, "I went to church on Sunday, I called my cousin, he came over for an hour and a half, and that was the extent of it."

He says he wasn't worried, and only laid 500 sandbags.

"I wasn't going to start pulling them until 32-33 feet," says Ken.

With the water only expected to rise a few more feet, it may not even hit the few sandbags he put down.

Ken says, "They were doing what they needed to do."

Fargo city Administrator, Pat Zavoral, says, "You can never be too safe."

While the National Weather Service tries to figure out what happened to their flood prediction, the city has another task. After spending about 2 million dollars on flood preps, they need to figure out what to do with all of these!

Zavoral says, "The bottom layer in our landfill cells. You have to have a liner, then you have to have a foot and a half to two feet of sand."

Another option is to put some of them in storage with price tag of 5 cents a bag. And even though there was a lot of prep for a lot less water, not many are complaining.

Ken says, "Anytime you can get through without having to sit and man the pumps and keeping the water out, that's good."

The National Weather Service says this year's flood is an anomaly. According to the models they usually use, this type of outcome was unlikely. Some reasoning for the lower than expected crest is last year's drought. The land was dry and soaked up some moisture. Also. our first 50 degree day and this flood season was much later in the year than normal.

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