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Two-Way Streets Replacing One-Ways in Downtown Fargo

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The summer's road construction schedule includes a big project in downtown Fargo. A couple of the major arteries will go from one-way to two-way traffic, starting with 1st Avenue North and leading into NP Avenue. The two one-ways, will be no more, and it all starts tomorrow. Valley News team's Eric Crest has more on how the look of downtown is changing.

The newest construction project in downtown Fargo wasn't even effected by this springs potential flood.

"This is actually coming in right on schedule. the flood kind of scared us a little bit. but they wanted to get going this week and they're gonna start tomorrow actually." Explains the city of Fargo's Traffic Engineer, Jeremy Gordon.

The idea for the project is pretty cut and dry. Fargo city engineers want to make downtown more accessible, by turning some one-ways into two-ways.

Gordon says part of the idea for change is to make the city less confusing, "for people from out of town they don't understand the one-ways as well as us locals. So I think there is confusion for folks visiting. Making the wrong turns. What street is what..."

By Tuesday folks in downtown Fargo will start noticing the changes. There will be some minor lane closures on NP Avenue and 1st Avenue North... Between University and Second Street North.

Kristy Schmidt a Civil Engineer for the city of Fargo says it will hopefully wrap up by late September. But folks downtown will notice some of the changes being made, "so on First Avenue it will be two lanes on west bound. And one lane in the east bound direction. And vice versa on NP Avenue. It will be two east bound and one west bound."

Gordon says the soon to be changes also have much to do with the current amount of traffic on those roads. "These are kinda underutilized corridors from the business and development stand point. You really don't need three lanes of one way traffic to get through. Our downtown it's over built." Explains Gordon.

Things will slow down a bit as new stop lights are put up, striping get's put down, and old signs, become a thing of downtown Fargo's past.

"These streets used to be two way streets in the 1950's and then as cars got more prevalent the city commission wanted to make travel in downtown "better", says Gordon.

So here's hoping that a new look, and new direction to drive downtown, is a little less confusing for all of us.

Other construction projects are kicking off soon too. Veterans Boulevard in West Fargo will begin on Wednesday.

In Moorhead Main Avenue construction is set to start on May 20th. So slow down out there, typically traffic fines double in construction zones.

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